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Clarele Mortimer is a seasoned senior analytics professional whose skills and acute business insight have lead to 10 years of professional accomplishments and success in the financial world. Clarele puts her knowledge to work every day at Morgan Stanley where she works as a business manager, offering solutions to financial service corporations and helping them turn their existing data into strategic plans that target opportunities for growth. As a business advisor and manager, her favorite part of the job is getting to work personally with her clients and assisting them in crafting high-level solutions to their unique problems. Clarele’s skills as a persuasive communicator allow her to craft and foster relationships with key constituents where she is then able to offer her expertise and knowledge of industry trends, drivers for success, and the competitive landscape. Then, they work together to create solutions to critical issues and find ways to improve the bottom line.

Clarele Mortimer has also taken the uniquely talented perspective with which she tackles her clients’ problems and used it to elicit improvements within the structure of Morgan Stanley itself. She was responsible for completely transforming the annual three-year planning process that is required by the Morgan Stanley Executive Committee, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Clarele was also assigned to the task of course-correcting the business’s ineffective hiring process which was hampering productivity and interfering with staffing, budgeting, and perpetuation planning. She developed a working game plan and met with the CAO to brainstorm ways to uncover the roadblocks the company was facing and devise appropriate solutions. Furthermore, she went on to create a 300-page training manual for junior employees and designed a three-month training program to help bring all new hires up to speed within the company.

Prior to her work at Morgan Stanley, Clarele Mortimer worked at AIG where she started as a Lead Data Steward in 2007. In this position, she was tapped to serve as the guardian of all of AIG’s financial data and worked to identify and resolve all quality issues with integrity, accuracy, and consistency. Clarele also updated programs and processes to make sure that thorough insights were available to the team in the sales department so they could make well-informed investment and security decisions for the company’s $400 billion portfolio. After three years in this position, Clarele was handpicked for a new role as a manager for business intelligence. Here, her professional responsibilities grew to include establishing business rules for acquisitions, maintenance, and the collection of data. She used the facts and statistics collected to extract conclusions which she presented to management along with a comprehensive plan and her recommendations on how to move forward. Then, in 2013, she was promoted again to consult for the FP&A Organization where her duties included serving as a business process expert who designed, streamlined, and integrated major FP&A processes for AIG. Although she eventually moved on from AIG, the work she accomplished there still remains; during her tenure Clarele pioneered a data information/warehousing framework that is still in place within the corporation today.

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