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Clarele Mortimer has learned many lessons over the course of her career – both professional ones, and personal ones. Here are a few pieces Clarele has used to engage her audiences even more with her tips and advice. Stay tuned for more updates to Clarele Mortimer’s media and press page.

What Kind of Leader Are You?

There are many different types of leaders in today’s working world. Which style best suits you? Find out with this informative blog.

5 Mistakes Young Entrepreneurs Make – Trailer

Clarele Mortimer discusses the 5 most common mistakes that young entrepreneurs make, how to avoid them, and how to learn from them as well.

5 Mistakes Young Entrepreneurs Make

Young entrepreneurs have a ton of determination, but sometimes this can blind them from taking the right steps to success. Learn the 5 mistakes that young entr…

What Kind Of Leader Are You?

Clarele Mortimer discuss the different types of leadership that one can follow in her new blog. What kind of leader are you? Find out at

3 Mistakes Sales Managers And Team Members Should Avoid

Clarele Mortimer details 3 of the most common mistakes made by new sales team managers or teammates and how to avoid them.